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 3D access through several terminals including Mobile !

Building up the momemtum with Second life

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  • Mercredi 24/10/2007
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A short one thanks to Galdric as we come back to this topic on november the 6th 
How to access to a Technorati such as Technorati from a Technorati phone ! What is at stake with B2C and B2B are impressive as nomades that we are all should help to  Technorati Technorati predictions become real : 80% of Technorati users will have an Technorati... and what would it be if it was 80% of the 1 billion Technorati users ! Co-creation brought by the web 2.0 and its fever is not going to stop... Anyhow here is the article http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5gpyvD-f-e6j93g3V8dYtw61xL7Tw 

The Technorati developped by the american Technorati Technorati shall be accessible as of mid-december from  Technorati phones of third generation from the number Technorati operator in Technorati, NTT Docomo, has announced the japonese Technorati nippone ."

So far the 6 november is concerned we will present the OLGA project with Marius Preda from the French Technorati cf  http://www.ist-olga.org/ which transposes a 3D numeric content within a Technorati universe accessible over several Technorati and terminals such as the Technorati phone... venez vite réserver votre place pour le 6 nov !

Otherwise thanks to Galdric (he is fueling us) here is a link from an interactive VR with a 3D engine under flash http://labs.blitzagency.com/?p=388

This is a killing application and when are we going to do a Comex presentation with the Wii 


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Génial ! See you tomorrow.



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