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 We are Smarter

Advice from the We Team...on customer feedback, innovation and its limitations

  • CM
  • Mercredi 19/09/2007
  • 00:55
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I picked this up the other day from the Wearesmarter website...Take it or leave it...Its what they've called 'We Spin': taking into account what your customers really want...
It links up with a recent article in the HBR On Point on how to turn customer input into Technorati...by asking customers for outcomes rather than solutions...ask them what they want a new product or solution to do for them. Thereafter the form the solution should take is up to the Technorati specialists...The article quotes Dorothy Leonard (a Harvard Professor of Business Admin) on the Limitations of Listening and I'll quote her in turn : "How important is the voice of the customer ? Very. But discerning the difference between what customers are able to say and what they want, and then acting on those unspoken desires, demands that comanies learn to go beyond listening...."

    Translation: your customers, not Technorati, now have the power. Ignore them at your peril.
    We Spin: your customers not only have the power, they have the answers. Learn from them, partner with them and the benefits will be many.

    Translation: of the 1,000 sites that Technorati has reviewed through it's proprietary screening process, only 3% pass muster. Most that fail do so because they are confusing, poorly designed or do a poor job at representing their Technorati.
    We Spin: Take Colony's recommendation a step further and let your customers help Technorati redesign your site.

  • Technorati SHOULD BE ASKING YOUR CUSTOMER ONE QUESTION (for marketing professionals in particular)
    Translation: Throw away your old ways of surveying customers and ask them one vital question i.e. “Would Technorati recommend this product or service to a friend or colleague?” The answer to that question will provide something called a "Net Promoter" score -- a tool many of today's most customer friendly companies like Technorati Rent-A-Car and Intuit use to understand and improve satisfaction.
    We Spin: If your customers are willing to recommend Technorati, give them a place to tell their friends i.e. in your community.

    Translation: Similar to Colony's first pearl of wisdom, the Internet and peer reviews have created complete transparency around products. If your products stink, people already know it and they'll tell other people.
    We Spin: Take a page out of Dell's play book (a case study featured in We Are Smarter) and create a feedback mechanism like their Ideastorm tool.

    Digital assets belong in the public domain. Technorati can try and control them but at the end of the day, netizens will will do with them what they want. Smart companies are figuring out ways to use digital assets (hello Youtube!) for viral marketing and Technorati building.
    We Spin: Communitize all of your digital assets. Your customers will give back to Technorati in spades.

    Translation: Marketing and IT have not always "played nice" in the sandbox. In today's world, they must. Web 2.0 technologies are crossing deep into the marketers' worlds.
    We Spin: In a "we" world, everyone contributes. It doesn't matter if Technorati're a marketer, technologist, or communist. All opinions matter and everyone is

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 Proximity and Collaborative Web - that's Web 2.0

A blog & a web site fully Google Maps compatible !

  • Revgi
  • Samedi 19/05/2007
  • 14:13
  • Version imprimable

I was flying over the blogosphere when I bumped into this Technorati http://blog.justacote.com/index.php and discovered this web 2.0 fully collaborative web site www.justacote.com (just beside). Many of us are convinced that the futur extension of the web goes by getting closer to our communities... here is a great case... should Technorati know the same development in your cities ou countries just let us know !

Craiglist is something of the kind... hereis the Vancouver one http://vancouver.craigslist.org/ and here is the lot of freelancer offers in Paris... http://paris.craigslist.org/mar/ ok Technorati has just started to expand !

Unless that promiscuity is better see http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/online_communities.png from Randall Munroe of xkcd.com publishing his hereabove humorous Map of Online Communities !



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 Top 15 start up of Web 2.0 in Europe !

just great to win... but good enough to get there.

  • Revgi
  • Jeudi 10/05/2007
  • 22:00
  • Version imprimable

The top 15 european start ups in the web 2.0 arena is taking place in Technorati. This is a good abstract http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/top_15_web_20_startups_europe.php  and final round May 24th in Bilbao ! See the official site http://www.startup2.eu/ but I like this way of sorting the contenders and mainly because our living nany Anastasia (hello the kids) is working for them... and if they win I hope that she will get a tip...

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 Adetem - Marketing 2.0 CityVox & Cath Grandcoing

great conference: Web 2 is it fashion or structural change ?

  • Revgi
  • Vendredi 27/04/2007
  • 10:48
  • Version imprimable

Great conference today organised by Technorati along with François Laurent (VP Technorati) and the President of Technorati. Here is the moblog of Catherine Grandcoing enhancing the Technological Revolution as well as the Social Revolution interacting the two revolution to explain Web 2.0 as a user centric set up.

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 " CCE International " covering Web 2.0 & NNM

  • Revgi
  • Jeudi 05/04/2007
  • 21:18
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At the heart of this Technorati and the concept of Technorati it is clear that the trust enhanced by Sophie Marek (journalist) and Madeleine Barbier Decrozes (Rédacteur en Chef) of the great magazine of the Comité National des Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France (CNCCEF): CCE International !

They have been publishing articles about internet since 2000 and every year they trusted my insights...

In the meantime of getting more of these articles changing my carrier and my understanding of my jobs; here is the latest article... it's in French but the pyramide of Technorati relationship is there. Technorati will also find the article of Brice Auckenthaler, from Expert Consulting and a great consultant for the top French groups and brands. Have a read it's just great !




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