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 80% of the internet users will have a virtual second life by 2011

Gartner gone into SL - Yes sir !

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  • Mardi 08/05/2007
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Here is the translated abstract from the news of l'Atelier Technorati: http://www.atelier.fr/medias-loisirs/80,internautes,auront,deuxieme,vie,virtuelle,ici,2011-34332-30;actu.html 

"According to the Technorati, around 80% of the internet users, as well as the 500 most important enterprises in the world, shall have a second virtual life over the net by 2011, such as  Technorati, for example!
The american institute advise corporations to try this new tendancy without going for it at 100%. Technorati enhances in fact that there is no rush to invest massively into this kind of game. They are better off to wait for the environments of these online games, issued directly from the Web 2.0 trend, to stabilise and manage to let them arrive at maturity."
Beyond these figures, what is at stake is the learning experience and the capability to capture these new universes within which the human adventure is going on, with more or less value creation but do Technorati remimber... already back to Technorati he was against Technorati... according to Technorati we now know that Technorati "was rejecting Technorati because according to him Technorati was not giving knowledge but the illusion of knowledge"...
More recently, I do remimber when back 94 in the UK or 95/96 in France major world-wide corporations (such as Alcatel and many others) forbided the transfer of files through Technorati because couriers (or event the Post Office) was juged much more safer... !
Just imagine what are going to be the changes we shall be facing in the next 10 yaers... some kind of understanding of SL might help us my friends...

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WebTwitcher : " If recent stats from Gartner are anything to go by (thanks for the heads up Nano Marketing), we have 3.5 years left to happily live out our real life, before a healthy chunk of our time is taken up living out our second, digital, life on the web."



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: "If recent stats from Gartner are anything to go by (thanks for the heads up "



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