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 IntraVerse and IntraBlog Awards 2008 with Philip Rosedale

Simultaneous award ceremony Real life & In-World with our Chairman

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This was a unique award ceremony with an outstanding Chairman Philip Rosedale, Technorati, Technorati ! More than 45 contenders and just 8 Technorati and 4 Technorati categories but with the highest quality standards in the world... here in Technorati at TEC Technorati with the Technorati and EChangeur PME.

Technorati.com/news/les-prix- Technorati-et- Technorati-2008-avec-philip-rosedale-fondateur-de- Technorati-et- Technorati

or http://cyberclub.blogs.com/tic/2008/06/dans-le-cadre-1.html
Mots-clés : Technorati, Technorati Technorati sur Technorati">Technorati, Technorati, Technorati, Technorati, Technorati, Technorati


1. Catégorie A: "GRAND COMPTE"
Lauréat - BNP Paribas: l'ile de l'Atelier BNP Paribas  
2e prix - Europ Assistance  
3e prix - Crédit Agricole
2. Catégorie B: "PME"
Lauréat - FTPE  
2e prix - InstantaNET  
3e prix - Entreprise Terralliance
3. Catégorie C: "Administration et Collectivité Territoriale"
Lauréat - CG 22 SOS 21  
2e prix - Départ Seine St Denis  
3e prix - Laval virtual Fantasy Sénior City  
4. Catégorie D: "Education"
Lauréat - Telecom Bretagne  
2e prix - Michelin  
3e prix - Loughborough University  
5. Catégorie E: "R&D"
Lauréat - Shell  
2e prix - Orange
3e prix - Loughborough University  
6. Catégorie F: intraVerse "Serious Game"
Lauréat - L'Oréal  
2e prix - Leadership training dans les mondes virtuels
3e prix – Conseil Général  22 avec  SOS 21
7. Catégorie G: "Projet (MOA finalisée)"
Lauréat - Centre d'Innovation & Technologies BNP Paribas et BNP Paribas immobilier  
2e prix - HSBC  
3e prix - Cité Culture et Tourisme Durable
8. Catégorie Coup de cœur: de la Fabrique du Futur
Lauréat - Senior City & I-Maginer



The official Press Release

Paris, June 5, 2008


Philip Rosedale, Founder of Second Life, live in duplex from San Francisco, handed out  as his avatar the Intraverse trophies  to the winners of the 2008 Intraverse Awards. The event is especially significant, as the winners spanned several virtual world platforms, foretelling the coming interoperable 3D Web. 


As part of the TEC Paris convention, hosted at the Paris Chamber of Commerce (digitized for the occasion), Mr Rosedale acted as The Chairman of the "in-world" ceremony while the "real life" event was taking place in France in front of a select crowd invited to witness the mix of experiences. 


B-R-Ent organised the prize contests and the press conference on Thursday june 5th at 11:30 at the Chamber of Commerce to announce the Intraverse and Intrablog worldwide leaders. The panel of competitors showcased the best practicein the corporate and governemental use of the Web 2.0 and innovative 3D applications.


The B-R-Ent report, pictures and movies of the eventare available (in french) at:  


and in english at http://nano-marketing.viabloga.com/news/intraverse-and-intrablog-awards-2008-with-philip-rosedale 


A world First: 


This simultaneous awards ceremony, taking place both in "Real" and "Second" Life, in the presence of the avatars of several blue chip companies directors, and of Philip Linden", the avatar of Philip Rosedale, founder of Linden Labs and Chairman of the ceremony.


Live in Duplex from San Francisco, he presented us with his vision of the future corporate Linden Labs platform (The Grid) and of the coming Metaverse. The Internet future will integrate the 3D component sooner than later... new business models will arise and a new 3D economy will grow.


The international jury, independent experts and the presidents of ADETEM, ANDESE, BRENT, the Fabrique du Futur, CEROS and Nano-Marketing, were highly impressed by the quality, depth and breadth of the 45 international submissions.


About the Intraverse Prize:


"All those financial and human resources investments in 3D immersive virtual worlds indicate the strategic alignment of the competing corporations as they explore and consolidate new (virtual) territories of the 3D economy. The very real worth and wealth of these virtual and intangible assets portends of a new kind of value creation and innovative business models" declares Gilbert Réveillon, President of the 2008 Intraverse Awards.


About the Intrablog Prize:


"The second edition of the Intrablog Awards was the occasion oof a twofold opening: To other french-speaking countries, and to the full range of social networking tools. The candidates showcased impressive achievements, either via their technical and international dimensions (Think Place, My Network) or their direct results and appropriation (Nexter, Drummon). It shows how right we were to open up the Intrablog Prize, both from the standpoint of the Jury and of the Candidates. The Jury was especially impressed by the results obtained in the fields of customer relationship management, innovation, and direct contribution to company earnings. This year's winners will without a doubt make headlines and, we hope, followers, in accordance with the goal of the Intrablog: Showcase the initiatives that make use of the social web tools, and foster their use inside companies, non-profits and administration." tells Vincent Berthelot, President of the 2008 Jury.


Attached is a snapshot of "We bridge realities" enhancing the dual prize ceremony "in-world" and "real life" both being real experiences in the 3D economy scope encompassing new standards of value creation and business models: the business case presented here the one from the world-wide leading bank BNP Paribas Group and it's Business Units CIT, BNP Paribas Immobilier and L'Atelier BNP Paribas.


About our sponsors:


Google France provided the Real Life Intraverse trophies. 

"Google associated with the event because it represents an excellent opportunity to showcase professional corporate communicators. That's why we wanted to be part of the whole event." says Laurent Lassere, Sales Manager for Google France and sponsor of the 2008 award trophies.


Robert Vinet and Community Chest provided the video duplex between Paris and San Francisco.


Stephane Zugzwang digitized the Chamber of Commerce and provided the Immersive Virtual Reality Room and Second Life Parcel used to host the event, as well as the Second Life Intraverse Trophies.


Pup Witherspoon, from , designed the furnishings and environment used inside Stephane's Virtual Reality Room.


About our partners and members of the international Jury :


  •  ADETEM (French Association of Marketing & Communication Directors) – President : François Laurent
  •  ANDESE (French Association of in Economic Sciences and Managment) - President : Daniel Bretones
  •  FDF (Fabrique du Futur)- President : Eric Seuillet
  •  NNM (www.nano-marketing.eu) - Directrice Communication & Marketing de EFE : Blandine Mouren, CIO Stéphane Desnault (aka Stephane Zugzwang, creator of the award trophies using the LOOV design and of the VRR)
  •  B-R-Ent (blog, RSS et Entreprise),
    - Pr
    esident intraBlog Vincent Berthelot,
    - Pr
    esident intraVerse Gilbert Réveillon,
    - Pr
    esident Odyssée 2.0  et Directeur de  Web Escape Agents Xavier Aucompte  


  •  CEROS (Centre of Studies and Research in Organisations and Strategies) - Bernard Quinio , Claude Malaison (from Canada).    



The 2008 winners are the following organisations:


 1. Category  " Corporate Account"

Winner        - BNP Paribas: The island of l'Atelier BNP Paribas

2nd Price      - Europ Assistance  

3rd Price       - Crédit Agricole


2. Category  "SME"

Winner       - Federation of Very Small Enterprise (FTPE 

2nd Price     - InstantaNET  

3rd Price3e prix - Entreprise Terralliance


3. Category  "Administration and local government"

Winner      - CG 22 SOS 21  

2nd Price    - Départ Seine St Denis  

3rd Price     - Laval virtual Fantasy Sénior City  


4. Category  "Education"

Winner      - Telecom Bretagne  

2nd Price    - Michelin  

3rd Price     - Loughborough University  


5. Category  "R&D"

Winner       - Shell  

2nd Price     - Orange

3rd Price3e prix - Loughborough University  


6. Category intraVerse "Serious Game"

Winner      - L'Oréal  

2nd Price    - Leadership training into virtual worlds

3rd Price     - Conseil Général  22 avec  SOS 21


7. Category "Project"

Winner      - Centre d'Innovation & Technologies BNP Paribas et BNP Paribas immobilier  

2nd Price    - HSBC  

3rd Price     - City of the Culture and Sustainable Tourism


8. Category Jury Prize  of the " Fabrique du Futur "   

Winner     - Senior City & I-Maginer



The intraVerse awards 2008 crossing the Channel too for the Visual Web in London

We have a winner with the participation of the intraVerse awards at the conference of July the 10th in London, UK meeting point at 13h30 !






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Its Lively ! « Notes From The Corner : "IBM has done quite a bit of work in the virtual world space, and business use of this technology appears to be growing in companies like Shell, where pilot sites are well advanced. Shell actually took first place in the R&D section of the TEC Intraverse 2008 competition in Paris this year for its Second Life pilot. In contrast to the sorts of business focused testing that you see major companies working on, the offering from Google seems to be more of a pure consumer play. At this stage at least it is difficult to see how it fits in as a longer term product with in the Google environment, and what it might be best used for."



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Ambling in Second Life : "f Shell's website. This page tells us that , an innovation incubator within Shell, had been developing a learning and collaboration area in Second Life. In fact, not only that - it had even won first prize in 2008's TEC Intraverse awards, in June. The website mentions 2 sim by name: "Learning Island, designed for virtual meetings and learning; and Ideation island, a project management space."Shell's press release gives more"



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Blog des Managers Intranet - Les Prix intraVerse et Intrablog 2008 avec Philip : " NNM - Intra Verse and Intra Blog Awards 2008 with Philip Rosedale : " with the CCIP and EChangeur PME." "



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Daniel Bretones - Pipl Profile : " Simultaneous award ceremony Real life & In-World with our Chairman ... of Ph Ds in Economic Sciences and Managment) - President : Daniel Bretones ... [ nano-marketing.viabloga.com ]"



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and Awards 2008 with Philip Rosedale ( nano-marketing.viabl : " var url_item = 'http://nano-marketing.viabloga.com/news/intraverse-and-intrablog-awards-2008-with-philip-rosedale';"



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