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 Nano-marketing gets into the 3D avatar and mobile serious game !

ifashion from Korea - mbga from japan and fugumobile and another step further into NNM and personnalised services

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  • Mardi 22/04/2008
  • 20:16
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Just in case Technorati are looking for fashion stuff just go to 

We have found as well a Technorati platform allowing to place an advert into a serious game with tone of emarketing technics with banniers clicable over the Technorati screen cf "the enrapture ad platform" on Technorati and then Technorati Technorati into fugumobile "in Game Technorati Technorati platform" in China and India ... 

www.ifashion.or.kr and Technorati will Technorati your Technorati in 3D fully personnalised with your details (hight, length etc...) or on www.mbga.jp (but this one is from Technorati and Technorati are better off to use babel fish in order to translate)...


Woaw !

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Quelle note ! Très intéressante, et de plus, c'est un festival de liens !



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