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 The Tech Virtual Museum a workshop missing Web and Second Life

Innovation and art combining forces with uniqueness in the concept

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  • Mardi 22/04/2008
  • 13:16
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The Tech Technorati  Technorati is an experience run by Technorati... even Forbes talks about them !http://museumtwo.blogspot.com/search/label/Tech%20Virtual


"Since opening in December 07, 166 members have initiated 70 exhibit projects on The Tech Technorati website, and about half of those projects have been built as 3D models within the Technorati world of Technorati. More excitingly, in the last month we have selected 6 Technorati exhibits for codevelopment at The Tech as real exhibits, and we plan to put 8 " Technorati to real" exhibits on the floor in June for an exhibition to coincide with the Zero1 festival. We got a lovely bit of press on the first four exhibit selections",

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