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 B-R-Ent heating because IBM & Linden Lab are joinning forces

"IBM and Linden Lab Launch Collaboration to Further Advance the 3D Internet"

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  • Lundi 15/10/2007
  • 17:42
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This news puts into fire the Technorati Technorati http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/marketwire/0313677.htm if Technorati can read French...  http://b-r-ent.com/news/union-ibm-et-second-life but in case Technorati can't no worries here is the important piece of the project (thks to Stéphane he got the cool stuff)

" Technorati and Technorati plan to collaborate on:

--  "Universal"  Technorati: Exploring technology and standards for users of the 3D  Technorati to seamlessly  Technorati between different  Technorati.
    Users could maintain the same " Technorati" name, appearance and other important attributes (digital assets, identity certificates, and more) for multiple
    worlds. The adoption of a universal " Technorati" and associated services are a possible first step toward the creation of a truly interoperable 3D
--  Security-rich Transactions: Collaborating on the requirements for standards-based software designed to enable the security-rich exchange of
    assets in and across  Technorati. This could allow users to perform purchases or sales with other people in  Technorati for digital assets
    including 3D models,  Technorati, and  Technorati, in an environment with robust security and reliability features.
--  Platform stability: Making interfaces easier to use in order to accelerate user adoption, deliver faster response times for real-world
    interactions and provide for high-volume business use.
--  Integration with existing Web and business processes: Allowing current business applications and data repositories - regardless of their source -
    to function in  Technorati is anticipated to help enable widespread adoption and rapid dissemination of business capabilities for the 3D
--  Open standards for  Technorati with the current Web: Open source development of interoperable formats and protocols. Open standards in this
    area are expected to allow  Technorati to connect together so that users can cross from one world to another, just like they can go from one web
    page to another on the  Technorati today."

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Ugly Google

What if...
IBM & SL join forces because they have a common dream &/or a common target : chase Google projects out of SL ?

What if...
IBM & SL join forces in order to better ''control'' the avatars in virtual worlds [re : the recent IBM's avatars strike in SL]

What if...
IBM & SL join forces to face Kubrick's 2001 scenario (HAL is stronger with the help of RK ?]

What if...
IBM & SL joins forces to invent some kind of a Matrix third life ?

hello is there a Neo somewhere ?



Re: Ugly Google

Hi Brice,

At the moment the company busiest at building the matrix is indeed Google. They're investing 100s of million of $ in the venture, and going at it more through the content creation angle than the avatar/infrastructure one like IBM and SL are.

Google are the most advanced company busily working on controlling the entire value stack:

  • The virtual world infrastructure and geography (Google Earth and Google Sky)
  • 3D content creation tools (Sketchup)
  • Geomapping content creation tools (Google Maps)
  • The global yellow pages, and the associated ubiquitous search engine (Search in Google Earth)
  • The advertising infrastructure to offer targeted advertising to anyone from the individual to the biggest corporations (Adwords and Adsense)

And soon:
  • A virtual world with avatars (already in beta)
  • A communication and geolocation terminal (Google Phone with GPS -- so many rumors, and so "obvious")
By contrast I feel IBM and SL are trying to build an open infrastructure, where they would be able to provide service rather than control and tax transactions... at least it's always been the way SL has operated up to now, and in many ways it's IBM's business model today, hence their strong sponsorship of open source developments.

The subject is interesting enough that I'm writing a special post on it :)  Thanks for your questions and insight that prompted it !




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