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 But where are going our american friends into Metaverse !

The online WSJ make it clear - marketing is on but don't forget Second Life

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  • Mardi 30/10/2007
  • 17:02
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Should Technorati wonder where the Technorati from our US' friends here is the answer from the Wall Street Journal enhancing so many great news and so much leverages in these 3 D immersive  Technorati ! Ok Technorati is the last one on this quantitative approach... thanks god would say Mr B... life is about quality too ! Kind of... would Technorati reply when Technorati know that Disney put 700M$ into Technorati (2nd in our chart !)

Go for the article is good stuff

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Tax etc

Merci Gil for this interesting info...

On your first post...have you any stats on which virtual worlds the rest of the world is visiting ? It would be great to have an idea of how the all measure up in a regional / global context. Like, who is SL obsessed ? Personally it looks like its turning into more of a PR / marketing tool for brands and companies than a truly popular place to go. What do you think ?

On the comment on taxation...my question (which I also asked the experts) : which rate of taxation do you apply to some one trading on SL in Outer Mongolia or Easter Island ? Tax rates and qualifying incomes vary everywhere...does this mean the Web is going to need an interpol type IRS to check out everyone's activity ? Scary non ?

Am looking forward to a full update at the conference next Tues.




Interoperability is on with Active Worlds and Facebook

We will have millions of papers about interoperability in the coming months... but this one is a serious one with http://www.virtualworldsnews.com/2007/10/active-worlds-e.html


Active Worlds Embeds 3D Worlds in Facebook

Active Worlds announced today that they had launched the "Active Worlds 3D Avatar and World Explorer" application, allowing companies and developers to build virtual worlds on the Facebook platform. The company says the application is based on Internet Explorer and ActiveX from Microsoft to build on existing standards and to allow certain elements of the virtual worlds to interact with more traditional websites and Web 2.0 applications."




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