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 Further to our IntraBlog here comes the IntraVERSE

what a scoop !

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  • Mardi 03/07/2007
  • 08:17
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It's official we are creating the Technorati Awards !

It's at the crossroad of productivity and creativity that these Technorati Technorati are used as intranets and providing new types of information system architectures... it's a new complementary chanal and usualy associated to a wiki and/or a  Technorati.

Technorati can address us your application to be part of the Jury through  Technorati or NNM. Just here drop us a ligne.


Mots-clés : Technorati, Technorati Technorati sur Technorati">Technorati, Technorati, Technorati, Technorati


and there is a roadmap to it !

More news about intraVerse : watch this space ! Gil http://www.metaverseroadmap.org/

and the "killing" video "On The Money" http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm??g=2c06f36b-2de7-4caa-b7ac-82d8f28bdc92&f=34&fg=rss&  from http://www.electricsheepcompany.com/



Lien croisé

FredCavazza.net » S’il ne doit en rester qu’un, ça sera Second : " @ Forest > Oui il existe l’intraVerse cf http://nano-marketing.viabloga.com/news/further-to-our-intrablog-here-comes-the-intraverse où nous avons déjà des cas d’entreprises pour un concours aussi disruptif que l’a été cette année l’intraBlog cf B-R-ENT."



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