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 NNM in Economic Intelligence with Andese

The pool of enterprises of the Cigref is on the fast track for innovation !

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  • Jeudi 12/07/2007
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and Economic Intelligence with the Cigref for an excellent seminar with a conclusion made Mr Alain Juillet cf the programme on www.andese.org and here-under is the dashboard for "Measuring the effectiveness of the economic intelligence and impacts over the organisation performance with Regis Delayat, Technorati of Scor further to the speach of Corinne Cohen, professor of the university of Monaco: bravo to the President of the Technorati, Daniel Technorati for this dynamic formula (1 researcher of university + 1 professional of the Technorati) in order to value the impact of the information systems towards the Technorati performance. The final touch came from Mr Juillet "we need a new mode of  in order to be able to trigger low signals and better prepare the future of a country such as France within the leaders pack"... There are strong links to NNM but also to question the basics and the will of progress ! The ICT are at the heart of the thems and the Web 2.0 was part of it... Technorati and NNM were there.

The difference between the 2 colored circles is the representation of value creation by the economic intelligence... a real springboard !


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