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 Intangible assets & the CAC 40 survey of Ernst & Young

Digital Equity experiences within SL is even more valuable

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  • Vendredi 16/03/2007
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Here is a new french survey dealing with a highly strategic issue of assessing the value of intangible assets within corporations...

The figures enhance major spread amongst industries and corporations listed on the French CAC 40 (the French equivalent of Fortune 40). I found really stimulating the statement of Mr Alexis Karklins-Marchay, Associé au sein du département Transaction Advisory Services d’Ernst & Young, telling us « il ne s’agit pas d’un effet de mode. L’immatériel est déjà un élément de valorisation qui représente plus de la moitié de la valeur pour plus de 2/3 des entreprises étudiées. Dès lors, c’est en se différenciant au niveau de leur capital immatériel que les entreprises affichent leurs ambitions et affirment leurs capacités à créer de la valeur. »

I shall try to translate it :"this is not just fashion. Intangible assets are already a component of valorisation representing more than half of the value for more than 2/3 of surveyed companies. Therefore, it's by diffenciating itself through Intangible Equity that enterprises are demonstrating their ambitions and confirm their capabilities of creating value !"

Obviously the contexte of the survey is to be considered more specifically but it is clear to me that digital equity part of these intangible assets is a strategic asset to modern companies. This intangible assessment process requires new tools (real and conceptual ones), the signals to detect are so small in many insteances that normal and traditionnal set ups are not sufficient anymore... this sounds very strongly with our Technorati concept... these new technics and digital equity accruing processes are worth more than we could have thought initially.

All these tested experiences over Technorati like plateform are providing a wealth of new type of assets, involving HR, Technology, Marketing and Technorati Strategy !

Here is the survey and I shall try to find it in english. 0307_Etude_Actifs_Immateriels.pdf 

Here is the ranking in the Insurance sector of the CAC 40


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