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 SceneCaster 3D integrates Google Adsense

Outstanding stuff ! Unique !! Woaw !!!

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  • Lundi 31/03/2008
  • 19:03
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Just great stuff for marketer to go 3D from your favorite Social Technorati (Scene Caster was for a while the # 1 downloaded application on Technorati) to Technorati Adsense et then Technorati 3D warehouse ! http://www.virtualworldsnews.com/2008/03/interview-scene.html

Woaw - please just have a look on this "The metadata is created by Technorati for items the Technorati itself introduces to the library of objects. It manages Technorati for other items, but with items available from Google's 3D Warehouse, Technorati draws metadata from outside sources"


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