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 Social Media in Finance - When Finance meets with Social Commerce

London June 26th at last a conference enabling a real picture of social commerce

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  • Jeudi 24/05/2012
  • 14:13
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Technorati at the hotel ANDAZ, magic place with its secrets to reveal us a conference on the means of payment in social Technorati... well it's when Technorati engages into the deployment of social commerce !

Social Technorati is on the spot since the magnificient IPO of Technorati, with a valuation of more than $100Bn and ratio unknown so far, and beyond any denigrating press social commerce comes on board the big way in Wall Street... Let me propose Technorati to join us doing the worldwide panorama of Technorati and payments dealing with threats but also with great opportunities of business value creation achievements.

Indeed, it is clear now that Technorati Credits weights around 20% of this valuation... and yes $20Bn for this Technorati currency (fir 900 millions accounts). That represente just for FB Credits alone the 1st surplus of the balance of payments in France ( Technorati is the 1st surplus with around €15Bn, i.e. the 75 millions tourists coming to France every year are providing less value than those Technorati tourists getting into the Technorati Mall that is Technorati)... food for thoughts don't Technorati think !

Here is the url of this event second to none in Technorati thanks to the initiative of Eurasia Insights, specialist of Technorati and of mode of payments including Technorati social commerce as today there are more Technorati users engaged via their smartphone than they do it with their PC :

Join us and subscribe and...
Looking forward to seeing Technorati there !
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