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 The art of blogging, secrets from a French marketing guru

After thoughts on a blogging session given by François Laurent

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  • Lundi 21/01/2008
  • 09:12
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Seth's Technorati is good, François Laurent's is even better...well that's what some (French speaking) readers might think when comparing Seth's Technorati to Marketing is Dead. 
I honestly think they are both great but admit to being partial to the latter particularly in light of a fascinating morning I spent with one or two others at a Technorati development 'session' with François Laurent. How to Technorati according to François Laurent (President of the French Marketing Association Technorati), was, for me, the embodiment of everything that Web 2.0 is about :
honesty, sharing, freedom...
I'm not going to take Technorati through the session (and I suggest Technorati contact him via www.marketingisdead.fr for more details). However I just wanted to mention one or two of the points he made.
Like marketing, Technorati is all about who Technorati are targeting or talking to. There are so many people out there, so much to be said, and so many ways to say it.  Taking time to understand Technorati target market is, essential. 
We were given a few interesting anecdotes and insights on to how François approaches his Technorati : admittedly for me, something I enjoy learning about (I'm a regular reader of www.copyblogger.com and www.readwriteweb.com). He stressed the importance of good trackbacks, links and so forth in order to increase exposure in the blogosphere...
All these little insights brought me back to a book I picked up at last December's Yulbiz session in Technorati, where Claude Malaison was promoting his book 'Pourquoi blogger dans un contexte d'affaires?' (not sure of the English title, or if there is one, can Technorati enlighten us Claude?). Once again, an illustration of the collective thought that is so relevant to the blogosphere, this book gives some really interesting insights into the who, why and what of Technorati for business. 
And this made me question the perenity of Technorati for business. This wonderful Technorati tool has so many uses in daily life and brings alot to many in a totally free and easy way. But what is the future of Technorati ? Where are Technorati headed and for what purpose ? Big question...yes, I know, but I just wonder whether they'll become a truly, unversally used, professional took within companies. And if Technorati think its already the case, I'd be interested in hearing more. 
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