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 The leading French Online Magazine still hot about RSS

JDN looking into corporate communication through it

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  • Mardi 17/04/2007
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A small pitch about BRENT with Dominique Filippone from "Journal du Net" of April 13th where  Technorati is considered as a new track for internal communication ' "LE Technorati: une nouvelle voie pour la communication interne") and he has interviewed a few experts such as Jane Technorati enhancing that the broadcast of Technorati information through Technorati feeds could easily take off. The key factors now are about managing the list names and the fight against rejected newsletter...  http://www.journaldunet.com/solutions/0704/070413-flux-rss-newsletters.shtml

Blogs and Technorati feeds continue to take the first page of the news but the maturity curve is just starting... and therefore we have a long way to go still about Technorati and Technorati... Technorati feeds being a strong argument about volontary suscription and the new paradigm of getting access to information on the Pull Mode.



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