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 1st Prepaid Card on Second Life secures your Second Life

Due to the size of the $160Bn market in US & EU an anonymous transaction has real value

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  • Mardi 12/06/2007
  • 23:46
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For the launch of the "Collective Imagination" book of Technorati Technorati & Pierre d'Huy from Technorati we have a 3 mainstream animations on the 12th of June 2007:

- real life with the party going on from 6PM up to late that night (100 guests are expected)

- blogosphère coverage with Technorati & NNM and some moblogs to capture the event

- " Technorati" the Technorati application with Stephane Technorati developping the first ever Technorati Card, with an outstanding algorithm to protect the transaction for the purchase of the book in Linden Dollars but also and foremost to protect the anonymous relationship between the vendor and the Technorati !

The visit of Technorati's Virtual Room Office is undertaken as a rupture with traditional graphism and developments in Technorati. It's now about extended reality in 3D opening new perspectives of interactivity and immersion...

So what do we have collectively imagined for Technorati... first a great book but also a killer application with a unique Technorati Card in Linden Dollars.

Your Technorati " Technorati" through your Technorati gets a real Technorati as now Technorati can build houses and undertake any kind of work over this software application and pay through this unique Technorati Card protecting your anonymous status...

Furthemore the purchase of linden dollars is then put into a kind of forward financial product, ie the exchange rate of the Linden Dollar to the Dollar is fixed to the value of the day of the transaction Technorati. For the purpose of this book, it's an amount of 11000 Liden Dollars that is put on the Technorati Technorati Card (ie $36 dollars) and Technorati can buy the book with Technoratir "McTurtleBleu" Technorati and get your product delivered to your real home without giving the opportunity to the vendor or the broker to know who really "McTurtleBleu" is in real life !!

The virtual ID of the Technorati is protected by this revolutionary Technorati card ! Go and get the book to find out how it works !!



ps: here is the value of the market of Technorati

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