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 Consumer Engagement Blogs - Top 10 from cScape

Good company to have the consumer on your side !

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  • Jeudi 11/10/2007
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Top 10: are Technorati ready ! http://www.cscape.com/features/Pages/Top-10-blogs.aspx this is a great guide

 1. Logic + Emotion
 David Armano’s Technorati

2. Creating Passionate Users
Kathy Sierra and Dan Russell

3. Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social
 Media Technologies 
 Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff 


4. Occam's Razor
Avinash’s Technorati

 5. Copyblogger
 Brian Clark’s Copyblogger

6. Grokdotcom
The collective Technorati of

 7. Problogger
Darren Rowse

8. Church of the Customer


10. E-consultancy
E-consultancy news team


The Technorati of some of cScape's employees and customer engagement consultants.

So ok, it's not really 10, neither Top 10 but good to launch a Technorati of what is on regarding Consumer Engagement. Their survey last year was great !



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