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 3D - Hard time not to be in when $1Bn invested over last 12 months

Virtual Worlds in San Rose i.e. hands up with "Gun'n Joses"

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  • Lundi 08/10/2007
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Technorati 2007 taking place this week in the US is telling us and it's spreading fast throughout the world that $1Bn was invested in the last 12 months period... enhancing how much value creation is expected from these 3D immersive Technorati !

" Technorati Companies Funded from October 2006 to October 2007
Editors Note:  Each company links to a full article about their funding

company amount investors
Anshe Chung Studios unknownGladwyne Partners
Areae                 *2,000,000 Charles River Ventures / estimate
Club Penguin             700,000,000 Acquired by Walt Disney Company
Conduit                 5,500,000 Charles River Ventures and Prism Technorati
Donnorwood Media                    500,000 unknown
Doppelganger                  5,000,000 Greycroft Partners
Doppelganger                11,000,000 Technorati
Double Fusion               26,000,000  Norwest Venture Partners, Time Warner, Accel Partners, Jerusalem Venture  Partners, Hearst Corporation, IDG Ventures Pacific, and Sedona Capital
Double Fusion Japan unknownSedona Capital
Electric Sheep Company                 7,000,000 Gladwyne Partners and CBS
Emergent               12,000,000  Jerusalem Venture Partners, Worldview Technology Partners, Adena Ventures, Walker Ventures, Copan, and Cisco Systems 
                    500,000 Angel Funding
Forterra  unknownIn-Q-Tel
Gaia                12,100,000 Technorati and Redpoint
Greystripe                 8,900,000  Steamboat Ventures, a venture capital firm affiliated with The Walt Disney Company
Havok             110,000,000 Acquired by Technorati Corporation
Technorati                 7,000,000 NGI Group 
Journeys                     600,000 Elron Electronic Industries
K2 Network               16,000,000 Technorati Capital
Kreeda Games unknownIDG Ventures and Technorati China & India Holdings
Leeuu  *2,000,000Redpoint Ventures / estimate
Media Machines                  9,400,000 Mohr Davidow Ventures
Millions of us                 *1,000,000 unknown / estimate
Multiverse                 4,000,000 Sterling Stamos Capital Management 
Network Game Interaction                10,000,000  GSR Ventures
                 6,500,000 Easton Capital 
Quaq                 *2,000,000 KPG Ventures / estimate
*2,000,000 Bessemer Venture Partners / estimate
 unknown Credit Agricole 
Timeless cities                 1,000,000 Technorati Gemini Internet Lab
Trilogy Studios                 3,200,000 Chichen Itza Ventures
Trion World Network               30,000,000  Rustic Canyon Partners, Time Warner, GE/NBC Universal's Peacock Equity Fund, and Bertelsmann Digital Media 
Weblo                 3,200,000 Technorati Venture Partners
Whyville                    440,000 Texas Workforce Commission
Winking                  8,000,000 NIF SMBC Ventures Asia
 * indicates estimates

Source:  Virtual Worlds Management

About Technorati Management

Technorati Management is the leading provider of trade events and media for the emerging Technorati industry. Technorati Management services include, Technorati Conference and Expo, Technorati 2008 Conference, Technorati Weekly Technorati newsletter, the VirtualWorldsNews.com trade industry Technorati and Technorati Connect, the online Technorati for professionals in the Technorati industry. Technorati Management maintains a strong, experienced management team, allowing it to achieve its mission to be a leading provider of high quality, high profile events to targeted business and professional markets. Technorati Management is a division of Show Initiative, LLC. More information about Technorati Management can be found at http://www.VirtualWorldsManagement.com. "

Sooner or later corporations are better off to understand the specific leverages they can get from it... in the meantine let's get some great Technorati...



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Disney keeps cruising into Virtual Worlds !

"Disney to Launch Virtual World for Bunnytown" says Virtual Worlds Weekly ! Gil

" Bunnytown, a new variety puppet show aimed at preschoolers from Disney, will begin on Saturdays in November and launch with its own virtual world. The Bunnytown initiative should come as no big surprise.When Disney acquired Club Penguin in August, it highlighted t he future of its virtual world plans, setting out the groundwork for a large network of virtual worlds and games based on Disney content connected through the Disney.com hub. "We are very much focused on the brand because that is what the kids want, that is what they expect, and when we ask them what they want to see on the Disney site it's the stars of the shows they love,"  Mindy Stockfield, VP of digital media at Disney Channel and Jetix, told TVWeek. The same article highlights Nickelodeon's move toward brand-free, general online properties: "Our brand mission is to be a home base for kids. We still want to be consistent, but it doesn't just mean a home base for ," said Steve Youngwood, executive VP of digital media at Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids & Family Group."



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