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 Genuinely interesting technology


Virtualizing the real world is big business today, with Technorati, Technorati, and Yellow Pages operators the world over spending hundreds of millions of dollars. Two genuinely intersting links:

Immersive Media is the technical provider behind Technorati. Their 3D Immersive, 360 video feed is currently being use to virtualize all the big American cities.


Impressive as it is, Immersive Media only produces the illusion of 3D. Realviz (a french company, currently partnering with Technorati System), is turning these illusions into REAL 3D.

3D Virtual visits - VTour from Realviz

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Great stuff indeed !

I just visited Venize and it's really cool with the depth of the walk in this 3D environment...

The only thing missing is the interactive experience as an avatar meeting another avatar providing me with a service or an assistance... anyhow this progress in panoramic view is great.




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