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 Some Facts and Numbers...

With no rhyme nor reason


Some stats on virtual, participative and Technorati worlds - Just numbers and facts, I'm not trying to put ANY analysis or order in it: Technorati do that in the comments! Are Technorati afraid? Exhilarated? What are those numbers telling Technorati?



the biggest online Technorati in the world, by most measures. It's definitely a Virtual World in my book. Ebayers have an online identity, trust is essential in their Technorati, the real worth exchanged is, of course, huge by any measure.


  • 241 million subscribers
  • 83 million are active
  • 1.3 million people in the world are EARNING THEIR LIVING FROM EBAY, making it, by far, the biggest franchise in the world.


In France alone:

  • 10 million subscribers
  • 15000 earn a living on eBay.
  • In 2006, eBay came (way) out on top of all the online retailers for the Christmas season…


Halo 2 and 3

For those who don't own an Xbox and are not gamers, Halo is the Technorati game blockbuster on the Xbox. It's a huge world, many people play online. There's a huge online Technorati of players exchanging videos of tricks and hints…


Video Technorati topped Technorati and the movies for revenue in 2004 - and have been spreading the gap ever since. As they go online, they're also displacing television.


Eevrybody laughed when Technorati spent 40M$ to develop Halo 2 in 2004… except Technorati took 17 hours, (125M$ in one week end) making Halo 2 the biggest entertainment blockbuster in history, ahead of Spiderman 2, Jurassic Park, and previous (movie) record holders.


Halo 3 broke new records, with 170M$ for the first DAY of launch in the US, beating Spiderman 3  (the movie) and Harru Potter (the book) as the year's blockbuster.



Some french, verified, figures:


Technorati today is the FIRST media for the 15-25 crowd. Teens use their online Technorati identity to chat with friends. Penetration of other messengers is weak in France (and Technorati) compared to the US. As a result, 50% of teens with a fast home connexion SPEND MORE TIME ON Technorati THAN IN FRONT OF THE TV OR ON THEIR Technorati PHONE.



Some french figures again. Technorati s the leading radio for teen agers in France (the 13-20 crowd). Technorati, a french " Technorati" is the leader in France for teen Technorati hosting. It's where French teens project their identity and wait for others to post comments.


On a typical Saturday…

  • 15000 new Technorati are created
  • 6M pages are seen
  • 800 000 new articles are posted

Ok, that's all for today… I have other numbers, from the likes of Neopets, Project Entropia, Secondlife of course, World of Warcraft… but that will be another post! Tell me what Technorati think!


We'll all learn just as much - or more - from reading all the comments as from reading the numbers! Lets' build some communal knowledge!




the proof of a human and social touch !

As a matter of fact all these figures are impressive and the halo 3 stuff is just breathtaking... on eBay I would just ask someone dealing with history to tell us why after so many years of democratisation of information via internet we are witnessing a kind of aristocratic ranking and ways to do business... it's seems common on eBay to be refused to deal with someone much higher in the rating than you are...

A new digital pyramid of rights to deal and think could emerged if we are not careful... we had the french revolution back in 1789 to cut the head of aristocrats and centuries of unfare priviledges; it might not be the time to use internet to exclude the mass from dealing and getting access to knowledge. In today's age, information is a right and it belongs to all at least as a wish to be aimed at. Why could not get a decent living from eBay someone new to internet and new to eBay... or any other internet milestone.




Re: more stats for Steph's soup...more on web sites around the world

Thanks Stephane for that wonderful pot au feu of statistiques, and Gil for bringing us back from the numbers...sorry but I've been tempted to add a few more to Steph's cooking having read a listing of popular websites visited last month in an English language newspaper.

And although I did put down a whole load of stats here...at the end of the list I found the following : All rights reserved. All reproduction, transfer, transmission or dissemination prohibited...

Scary yeh ! So in a nut shell the table went from Australia with 10.3 million visitors, via Brasil (16.5), to France (26.8), Japan (53.7) to USA with a massive 181.2 million visitors. And which do you think the most visited site was last month ?

Yes, google is watching us all over the world !

I'll quote the source : comScore Media Metrix, in the IHT. Check it out if you're into stats the way Stephane is ! But please don't quote me !



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