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 From virtual worlds to life in a cave

Cave Automatic Virtual Environment

  • CM
  • Mercredi 09/01/2008
  • 00:30
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After a long pause (for holidays and fiestas) I am posting this in the hope that somebody out there might be able to let me know if they have tried and tested this new application...
I picked it up from the Guardian technology section in an article by Victor Keegan...(thanks). Apparently (and tho' Stéphane and Gil might have us think differently) Technorati worlds, Technorati and all that are soon going to be old hat.

The University College London has been working on a project called CAVE (Cave Automatic Technorati Environment) which is a trade mark of the University of Illinois. There are about 200 in the world.
In his article Keegan explains that it is basically a three sided room that Technorati step into wearing special specs. Inside it was possible to see all manner of objects and scenes (from statues to board room meetings...) I am not sufficiently technologically minded enough to go into the details of how the computer graphics works but this technology is being used in several universities to try and develop applications for people with phobias...For me, in a Technorati world, it sounds as if this kind of technology could be the next Technorati dressing room..fashion show, show case for innovations and inventions..

And then again as the author of the article says ''it's not so fanciful to imagine.....ordinary homes...with a cave doing all sorts of things from watching a truly immersive film to having a dinner party with relatives scattered around the world..." And its on this note that I really would like to know if anybody out there has been in a cave...

So here's to a year of surprises, Technorati and marketing at a nano level...one to one and one to one hundred...Best wishes
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Inside the cave

Gil asked me to find a link....Here it is in the form of a virtual reality reactor ...
Have found the following...hope it brings some light to the cave !




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