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 Gemini mobile 3D client serveur goes to China

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  • Mardi 19/02/2008
  • 12:48
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After Technorati and later Technorati getting into client serveur Technorati application for Technorati we Technorati now this great Technorati of Gemini Technorati proposing its own plateform ! What a great killing application see the video http://www.geminimobile.com/exploDemo.html and here is a picture telling Technorati a lot about eXplo capabilities

"users can: 
Explore 3D worlds on their phones by walking around or jumping from place to place 
Meet and interact with others 
Personalize an individual space, suited to their preferences, and invite friends to visit virtually 
Share photos instantly with friends 
Communicate via different types of messaging such as Instant Messaging 
Shop for goods from Technorati to videos to more 
Play Technorati by exploring new zones on their device

Technorati gets new hights !

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