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 Top 3 trends for 2008 includes Extended Reality

IMedia Connection tells us more with Amelia Torode

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  • Mardi 12/02/2008
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Here we are already started in 2008 and it's still time to Technorati some insights about what Technorati is all about: trigger new markets from new marketing technics... we have noticed this top 3 from Technorati Connection telling us through Amelia Torode (one of the leading digital Planner) that Extended Reality ie 3D is in the radar field.

1. Monetisation of user generated content   see http://metv.metro.co.uk/
2. Sideload culture
3. Technorati


"There is a particular quote that I love, taken from the Technorati magazine: 'In the early days of the Technorati, the Technorati that it represented an entirely different realm, distinct from the real world, was seized upon by both advocates and critics of the new technology… both groups were wrong, of course. The Technorati has not turned out to be a thing apart ... and some of the most exciting uses of the Technorati rely on coupling it with the real world." 

The bridges are here to stay !
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Gartner is doing it too in its Six Megatrends !

http://www.gartner.com/it/sym/2008/spr9/trends.jsp here is a sample of their next symposium...

Redefining IT organizations and competencies

Consumerizing and securing communications & devices

Provisioning and sourcing worldwide


  • Emerging Markets IT
  • Multisourcing
  • Offshoring
  • Commoditization
  • V-Commerce

The agile enterprise platform edges into the cloud


  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Virtualization
  • Real World Web
  • Networked Virtual Environments
  • Capacity on Demand
New business methods, trends and technologies

Building value in knowledge & people networks
With all the buzz about mobility, social networking and online communities, it’s important to take a reality check: What value are we really deriving from these trends? More and more, that’s the question savvy organizations are asking themselves. From viral marketing to content analytics to collaboration and more, organizations are leveraging what seems unstoppable anyway: The proliferation of knowledge and people networks inside organizations, among organizations, and outside organizations altogether. What value will you derive?

A mere sampling of the trends and technologies we’ll focus on includes:

  • User Generated Content
  • Social networking
  • Community Source
  • The Metaverse
  • Relationship Assets
  • Hyperconnected Enterprise
  • Collective Intelligence "
Obviously you've got it all here too... if you have missed it it's just because you are doing it in purpose...





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