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 How nano-publishing created Nano-Marketing

Act 1: The Economist

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  • Lundi 27/11/2006
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Here is certainly the starting point of this adventure with the article from The Economist about the nano-publishing revolution. Un must: you really have to read it at least once! http://www.economist.com/surveys/displaystory.cfm?story_id=6794156

I realise then that a new practise in marketing was emerging and was enriched significantly by these new tools that we have described over B-R-ENT for more than a year. http://b-r-ent.com/news/166.shtml

The 4 P of Kotler are not sufficient anymore, The Shannon theory over the communication process was not traducing anymore the set up which is offered / imposed to us when a company want to put in the market a product, a service or even in the execution of a process. It is true that the innovation process is also an innovation as it was enhanced by Ford along with the taylorism... in 1904 and more recenlty Honda with it's only community http://www.2talkabout.com/Honda/ or one year later http://www.2talkabout/ford/ .

In short it's a new paradigme of value creation as much for the enterprise than for the end user and the emergence now consolidated of the Consumer Generated Content. No industry can escape cf HSBC with http://www.yourpointofview.com/. And let's keep ourselves lucid, there is not substitution of an ancestral model of the marketing coming out of the management books of the 1960 up to 2000, all very well oriented industrial psychology, the human behavior has not been going through a genetic mutation. But the virtual universe takes a bigger place in our lifes as could foresee it Marcotte when he was talking about virtual communities as soon as 2001.

I talked a lot about it in http://b-r-ent.com trying as soon as possible to modelise the stuff... cf  B_RSS_ENT___powerpoint_1.ppt in the Molière speaking accent or in english B_R_ENT_UK.ppt



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The Wal Mart's blog case with Jim & laura in BW

this is a great story of how such a great brand and major worldwide retailer is taking care of the blogosphere... http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/dnflash/content/oct2006/db20061009_579137.htm?campaign_id=rss_innovate 

This case about this blog http://walmartingacrossamerica.com/ is sponsored by "the working family for walmart"... a great community of interest...




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Blog des Managers Intranet - The Economist - le dossier sur la révolution média : "NNM - How nano-publishing created Nano-Marketing : " have to read it at least once! http://www.economist.com/surveys/displaystory.cfm?story_id=6794156I realise then that a new practise in marketing was emerging and was enriched significantly by these new tools that we have described over B-R-ENT for more than a year. http://b-r-ent.com/news/166.shtmlThe 4 P of Kotler are not sufficient anymo"



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Blog des Managers Intranet - Les Brenteurs en conférence jeudi avec l'EBG : " (le simple moblog) il modifie la page d'accueil instantannément... quelle évolution ! C'est une des composantes de cette révolution du Web 2.0 que de pouvoir s'affranchir de siècles d'inertie et de maturation pour éditer et diffuser en temps réel sur internet via ce blog... d'où les techniques émergentes associées à ces outils de nano-publication (cf The Economist avril 2006 http://nano-marketing.viabloga.com/news/how-nano-publishing-created-nano-marketing ).Ce sont les techniques de nano-marketing qui s'appliquent tant à l'interne qu'à l'externe de l'entreprise pour déceler de nouveaux signaux d'usages, de pratiques et de cohésion... mais on en reparlera car on ne sort pas de "l'age de la pierre numérique" (le web 1.0) sans que "



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Jiglu: Nano-Marketing: Knowledge entry: How nano-publishing created nano-marketi : " Here is the start of our research after experiencing 20 years of marketing practice !http://nano-marketing.viabloga.com/news/how-nano-publishing-created-nano-marketing Please look at what is saying The Economist on April 2006 about nano-publishing tools and revolution since 1455 with the Gutemberg !Cheers,Gil"



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