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 HSBC cross channel CGC / BNP Paribas RSS spot

disruptive NNM technics in Finance 2.0

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  • Vendredi 22/12/2006
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First go to the home page of BNP Paribas: you will see that for several months now the RSS feed is right there at the famous FMCG Eye Level Spot ! This must have taken quite of a challenge to get it there but enhances how forward thinking they are for a bank... actually they started almost a year ago with their Corporate Finance newsletter moving now from opinion leaders to early adopter and the early mass...

http://www.bnpparibas.com/ go to "toutes nos actualités" ==> RSS

Let's also keep in mind that 100% of the online press is using RSS feeds too for almost 2 years now and we can see the usage of RSS feeds into commercial web site for more that a year mainly in the USA.

Another leader is HSBC and the fact that I received this email today further to my participation months ago to their blog (see "HSBC Your Point of View" on the blog roll on the left)... one of the best experience on the world-wide market about qualification of data bases, capture of local consummer insigth over a world-wide global map !

And here I found out against any anticipation that meat-earters felt more about gorillas endanger that vegetarians who undertook the pool... anyhow and beyond this specific analysis the wealth accrued by HSBC is outstanding and this is a great case of aggregation of NNM technics...

The consummer is not 1 unic block of emotions and desire and that this company has to position this individual characteristic amongst the community of interest (COI - Gorilla) and the community of practise (COP - meat-eater) !

This comes to the following rationnal in 2 phases:

- the first one which shown whereby the graph hereunder is correctly enhancing that up to last summer (august 06) the major threat was still coming from the traditional marketing issues

- but in several industries we are witnessing a second phase whereby today what's putting at risk the relationship is more and more associated to the NNM content, which means that the top tier of the right graph is not Marketing anymore but the NNM with nano-niches, COI & COP etc... Furthermore, not all the client from the first phase lay out of pyramides are moving up into NNM being the most important threat to the relationship...

Then once we have a better understanding of what is at stake with NNM in one industry competitive landscape, let's analyse the difference between COI and COP as it's an illustration of the conversion from mortar client to a click client of web 1 framework to Consummer Generated Content provider of web 2 universe... non of these stages is permanently substituting another but they are additionnal level of complexity to deal with.

We movedfrom an economy of scare supply requiring mass production to obesity of digital content on the offer side... how the client is finding his way on the relationship build up process rely first on its individual center of interest and practises and then his relative positionning with its communities of interest and practises he belongs to by volontary membership.

Out of which this scenarii are to be dealt with:

So every company getting excited about Web 2.0 but some order is required in the house first...

The NNM Client has diverse and diverging parts to be considered prior to offer a product or a service to him. He then has different engagement into communities, values and principles. We are getting the tools to trigger a response, syndicate his willingness to adhere to the communities.



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I just discovered your blog and the nano-marketing notion. Thanks for the great posts you have here!



This is great stuff too - COP & COI are here to stay !

http://kt.flexiblelearning.net.au/edition-11-editorial/blogs-and-community-–-launching-a-new-paradigm-for-online-community/ have a look on this great paper about Blog & Community from Nancy White.

We are going this side of the story too with B-R-ENT http://b-r-ent.com/news/web-2-0-et-communaute-virtuelle

and here are the 3 types of blog communities Nancy White "outlines with the differences between single blog centric, topic related and boundaried communities"...

These 3 graphs from Nancy are outstanding to grab these differences.




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Blog des Managers Intranet - Web 2.0 et communauté virtuelle : "NNM - HSBC cross channel CGC / BNP Paribas RSS spot : "http://kt.flexiblelearning.net.au/edition-11-editorial/blogs-and-community-–-launching-a-new-paradigm-for-online-community/ have a look on this great paper about Blog & Community from Nancy White.We are going this side of the story too with B-R-ENT h"



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FredCavazza.net » Bientôt des banques P2P en France ? : "http://nano-marketing.eu Du coup, l’expression qui me marque le plus dans cet article sur les banques 2.0 et le P2P c’est ce qu’a réussi à l’échelle de la planète HSBC avec son blog “Your Point of Vue” cf http://nano-marketing.viabloga.com/news/hsbc-cross-channel-customer-experience"



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