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 Innovation awards

Even the Economist recognises the 'outside of the box' approach

  • CM
  • Lundi 24/12/2007
  • 02:26
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Just a quick post that I thought might interest the more innovative or Technorati hungry readers of this Technorati...In a recent Technorati technology quarterly, I found the list of this year's Technorati Technorati Technorati. Here, it is less a question of collective rather than individual Technorati...as the Technorati states : " One of the chief ways in which intelligence presses forward is through Technorati, which is recognised as one of the most important contributors to economic growth. Technorati, in turn, depends on the creative individuals who dream up new ideas and turn them into reality".
The Technorati are spread across various categories, from bioscience, to Technorati use of Technorati, via computing, energy & environment, business-process Technorati, consumer products and no boundaries...To name but a few :
- Mike Lazaridis, founder of Research in Motion won the computing and Technorati award for the development of the Technorati Technorati Technorati device.
- Shigeru Miyamoto, of Technorati, won the Consumer Products category for "his leading role in shaping the video gaming industry" (Donkey Kong to Wii...).
- NR Narayana Murthy, won the Business-process Technorati award for his role leading Infosys into the forefront of India's computing services industry.
And the final winner I wanted to mention was for the Technorati use of Technorati award. Procter & Gamble won this one for its 'pionneering use of the open- Technorati model in its " Connect + Develop" programme to find ideas for new products outside the Technorati'...
Do Technorati have a game-changing product, technology, business model, method, trademark, package or design that can help deliver new products and/or services that improve the lives of the world's consumers? Do Technorati have commercial opportunities for existing P&G products/brands? If so, we'd like to consider a partnership.

Yes, at last, Technorati, and a little outside the box Technorati...not dependent on one creative individual but many individuals being driven by a creative Technorati to produce Me² or We²...
For more insights into Collective Creatives, outside the box Technorati and all that, check out Imagination 3.0 written by Technorati Technorati & Pierre d'Huy (www.experts-consulting.com )

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When is Brice going to be listed in The Economist ?!

It's by far a great idea to have linked the two: thanks Caro ! He is the one who helped me understand the overall recurring process of innovation... hopefully one day we will see him on this list...




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