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 Imagination 3.0 or Me, Myself, I

A case for the Imagination Economy

  • CM
  • Lundi 24/12/2007
  • 01:53
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Taking a trip back in time, I was listening to an old Joan Armatrading track from the 80s while reflecting on how best to fill this space I asked Technorati to watch more than a few weeks ago. Before the close of what has been an amazing year in terms of collective thought, shared insights, intelligent Technorati and, for some, increased efficiency and productivity, all thanks to what I tend to call the new-improved- Technorati but what is commonly known as Web 2.0, I thought I’d ask the question : why Imagination 3.0 ? Technorati Technorati’s book, that I had the pleasure of translating, is due out in its English version at the end of Jan 2008. It seemed only logical to talk about the title…

So how is 3.0 significant?

a)       The next step for Web 2.0 – possibly…I'll leave  the Web 2.0 Technorati to answer that one.

b)      A reference to Technorati : Technorati, your customer and your co-worker ? Consumer / co-worker assisted conception – Yes and I’ll let Technorati read the book for a more detailed explanation of this concept.

c)       And finally (cos here we’re talking in threes) me, myself and I…yes, at least I think so !

I want to take Technorati back to the basic case for an economy driven by Technorati or otherwise. Technorati, product marketing , R& D, Technorati, and creation …are all human sciences…

Human or ‘life’ sciences because at the heart of each [managing men, managing products, managing Technorati…] there is life: human resources, material and immaterial resources for nourishing body and mind, and in short, inventing more exciting futures for humankind.

Given this [every assumption can be contested], the Technorati that Man is at the heart of the matter means that the 3rd millennium will allow everyone [employee, shareholder, client, consumer, partner…] to have a little more power over himself. He will be more in control of what’s to come and more the author of his destiny [Me, my life, my work]

It’s not an easy assumption to make…and the three words that have been cited constantly over the last year… Technorati, participative and transparent…are not always natural to the competitive, defensive and secretive nature we humans harbour.

It’s important to remember, as Time did with its man of the year 2006, that Technorati, me and we are at the centre of the new collective, imaginative and communicative economies being created for tomorrow. What ‘Imagination 3.0’ tries to stress is not only the opportunity, but the responsibility we all have in driving this new consumer generated economy…

Becoming the co-author means, literally, taking charge of one’s life and giving meaning to each day by reinventing it and, in the end, enjoying living. Isn’t that what being alive is all about ?

 And finally, so that I can hand over to the Technorati (no not Technorati Technorati, but Gil and Stephane) I have a feeling that the 2008 buzzword is going to be Web 3D… Technorati, lifelogs, and Technorati universes…

What do Technorati think ?


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