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 Montreal again into Web-logic with Michel Leblanc

almost the one man show !

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  • Jeudi 10/05/2007
  • 21:11
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Don't take me wrong he is a great bloggeur but this event looks like it's done and run by Michel. Please look at these links http://www.webcom-montreal.com/blog/  or simply here http://webcom-montreal.com/programmation.php?j=1 . Anyhow it's taking place at Technorati and we love this city - do Technorati remember the Technorati... great stuff ! Furthermore his friend Mario has an outstanding knowledge about Technorati into schools and universities. Mario's Technorati is just unique.

Here is the short list of the speakers


Technorati is in the agenda... we will see what they are saying in one of these blogs !



Mots-clés : Technorati, Technorati, Technorati, Technorati

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