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 new credentials for Nano-Publishing !

a better NNP for an improved NNM

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  • Jeudi 15/02/2007
  • 18:14
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Thanks to Vincent I found out that there is a new European Union's Directive preventing flogs !

We shall see when we are getting the "décret d'application" in France... http://consumerist.com/consumer/flogs/eu-bans-flogs-235853.php 

l'OGM du Technorati c'est pas pour nous mon ami ! I said in French which means that Technorati will get even better if Technorati gets some discipline, some rules for additionnal trust etc.


"A new European directive bans businesses from creating fake blogs, or posting positive reviews about themselves without revealing their identity.

After December 31, businesses which deceive consumers in this way can be publicly shamed by Trading Standards organizations or sued in court.

Will this law only apply to businesses incorporated in Europe or can a company merely operating there be held accountable as well? If the latter, our flog awards next year may take on added import... — BEN POPKEN"

I loved the Technorati one !


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