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 NNM & Internal Branding vs Employee Engagement

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  • Mardi 20/02/2007
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Here is an event organised by Technorati enhancing how strategic is Technorati as well as all the web 2.0 tools (blogs, Technorati feeds etc.) to address internal audience as much as the external one. What is at stake internally: "the Technorati"... and Technorati equity always one of the most important goal for corporations... 
If one of Technorati is going there, please let us know !
2nd Annual:
Internal Branding and Technorati
Effectively Engaging Employees to Promote the Technorati from the Inside Out and Boost Business Profitability
24-25 May 2007: Barcelona, Spain
Employee branding has been considered a "hot" topic in the marketing world of American corporations for the last couple of years. The trend has now hit Europe, where employees have been overlooked as being a corporation's potential front-line Technorati loyalist. Therefore, as companies continue to develop their Technorati externally, they are realising, more than ever, the importance of starting from the inside out.
The leaders in Technorati management recognize that brands define relationships with all their key audiences, notably investors and employees. They also acknowledge that relationships and values relate to behaviors. In today's highly competitive world companies must consider their employees their first market, in order to gain competitive advantage. With this comes the need to bring together professionals in the fields of marketing, branding, communications and HR to discuss the cross over of the disciplines in the area of internal branding and Technorati.
Key Topics
* Conveying the Importance of Internal Branding to Your Staff & Getting Management Support and Funding For Your Technorati Strategy
* Driving Your Interna l Branding Strategy during Company Changes & Forging a Link between Your Client and Employee Technorati Experience
* Aligning Internal and External Branding Technorati & Assessing the Impact of the Internet/Intranet on Your Internal Branding Strategy
* Harnessing the Power of Story-Telling to Drive Your Internal Branding Strategy & Adopting an Innovative Technorati Strategy That Will Drive Your Technorati
* Measuring Technorati and Supporting Your Technorati Strategy with Numbers & Reaping the Benefits of Market Research and Technorati Surveys to Effectively Engage Your Employees
Speakers:< /FONT>
* Khaled Ismail, Technorati Technorati Director, TETRA PAK.
* Neil George, Global Technorati Marketing Manager, RECKITT BENCKISER.
* Marc Sands, Marketing Director, THE GUARDIAN.
* Fredrik Wahrolen, PR and Communications Manager, IKEA.
* Miriam Aguago, Manager, PEOPLEMATTERS.
* Nick Starritt, Managing Director, SIROTA.
* Lorna Farrar, B rand Engagement Manager- Technorati and Involvement, Technorati.
* Christian Birck, Head of Branding, HOLCIM.
* Marinette Radebo, Head of Marketing Technorati, SAAB.
* Mark Wilkin, Head of Technorati and Communications, HITACHI.
* Peter Bell, Global Technorati, Technorati Engagement, Technorati IG.
* Marcus Hanser, Senior Technorati Identity Consultant EAME, CATERPILLAR.
* Paul Hartogsveld, Head of Technorati Technorati s, ING INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT.
* Grant D. Bassett, Director of Talent Acquisition, Technorati! EUROPE.

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