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 NNP goes on with mobile phone access into SL with Comverse

Mini Friday from Habbo Hotel does the same...

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  • Lundi 18/06/2007
  • 11:21
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Publishing Technorati online and start discussing with engineers about Web 2.0... they will trigger the added value of Wikis, do the same with marketers it will be Blogs... wikis vs blogs will be a long discussion for years but for me it's just Technorati i.e. Technorati either in a mono-editorial capability or in pluri-editorial capability. This plateform of Viabloga does both along with aborescence etc... So why Technorati is here again ? Simply because life in Technorati becomes much easier with Technorati (another "Verse" usage...) as they provide the software allowing Technorati to get access remotely to SL. Then Technorati could use SL to connect long distance calls, do it SMS, MMS and IM...

Here are some documentation of this experience developped by Technorati as it all started with Technorati's Technorati and this contribution http://www.accenture.com/Global/Research_and_Insights/Accenture_Blogs/Trivergence_Blog/Is+Second+Life+the+Ultimate+SoftPanel.htm !




So far as Technorati is concerned here is the importance of Technorati Cards... but these bridges Real vs Virtual Life are well known of Technorati too !

http://us.cyworld.com/ the US one is not as strong as the korean one but wait and see...





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