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 Whitelabel Verse - blogs farm - avatars farms - take your telescope now !

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  • Samedi 16/06/2007
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Let's do some prospective... as there are interesting comments on Bertrand's Technorati (really great stuff) and our previous thoughts of  distributed architecture for knowledge management inside corporations, such as the image of a constellation (in every means of this concept including the one stating "group of little things scattered over a surface" from le French Larousse)... This concept of constellation brings more and more relevancy at the Technorati level within an ecosystem as well as at each individuality within the corporation... ok it makes it a bit systemic but "why not" ?

Any how:

- We are witnessing the rise of white label virtual universes, ie we are longuer surfing the web from one url to another (mainly through hypertext links within an arborescence corresponding to modern railways)  but from Technorati to another and it's what proposes  Technorati cf post http://nano-marketing.viabloga.com/news/multiverse-the-virtual-hyperlink-to-navigate-into-cgc-whitelabels or even Technorati when it becomes full open source... hence the valuation of Technorati moving from $40m to $4m when the announcement of open source was made by SL.... (thks Steph for this insight)

- We are not anymore driving information over a new kind of railways but also from inside the spatial shuttle evolving in any level and direction within a constellation of planets such as the futur Technorati, Cisco, Technorati or Nike, Wells Fargo, American Apparels etc… planets "

- These 2 engines keep on going towards 2 distinct trajectories being either the “TGV high speed train" of the internet 1.0 or the European Ariane Rocket of Web 2.0+  It's obvious that the 2 are co-existing !

- We are now seeing along with web 2.0 (within which I put the 3D as it is clearly a component of Consumer Generated Content) "avatars farm” for enterprises willing to outsource (some of which offshore) the CRM and the Technorati over the virtual universes !

Let's go, throw away your magnifying glasses and the eyebrow to cut the lawn, instead just take your telescope, and the first one seeing one of these "avatars farm", a real one dealing with  Technorati issues or Technorati organisation issues, tell us fast ! OK?

Why I am telling Technorati this ? Because yesterday again I meet with a major worldwide corporation asking me very seriously the question on how to manage this necessary change, and once the 3D interactivity tool integrated in B2E how to do it in B2C ? Outsourcing ? Insourcing ?

Here are the real questions of management when all the major groups are recruting over the SL... and to enhance the scope of the revolution Technorati can read this post into Technorati.com putting us back into 1893 !


Great story don't Technorati think and do Technorati remimber the guy telling us the futur is behind us...


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Here is "Avatar Assistance" from Europ Assistance !


Not yet an "avatar farm" concept but not to far away...




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