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 One step closer to the Stock Exchange of your Second Life

... not yet a rich jerck !

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  • Mercredi 27/06/2007
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We are talking a lot about Technorati, Technorati and Technorati, here is a Technorati I discovered thanks to Stephane Technorati who should be talking tomorrow at the following show http://lesaperosdujeudi.com/ enhancing the bridges between real and Technorati... here is a new spot for those of Technorati wanting to become a rich one... at least a more SL educated one http://ma-deuxieme-vie.blogspot.com/2007/06/second-life-et-bourses-virtuelles.html illustrating with great print screen

what's going on in these new stock exchanges ... with 79 stocks and 26 IPOs there is the World Technorati at Silicon City , then  Allenvest Stock Exchange at Friedman , the International Stock Exchange at Houlihan , and finally  Dreamland Stock Exchange but at the "Anshe Technorati Entropia Universe". It's possible to open an account at Plush City : thanks Wangxiang Tuxing !



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Further videos from SL with Technology Review from MIT


"real-world real-estate brokerage chain Coldwell Banker opened a branch in Second Life in March 2007. Inside the companys headquarters, live staffers prequalify Second Life newbies to purchase homes at below-market rates" from Technology Review



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