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 Right time for Web 2.0 & Nano-Marketing

Louis Nauges did it right too at the Andese

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  • Vendredi 06/04/2007
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We had a great presentation at the Web 2.0 conference this week at the Technorati, dealing with the heavy weight and fat builder of Legacy systems sticking to corporations, intranet and project management... Louis really created the Tsunami in the event by talking direct and clearly about Web 2.0 window of opportunities... it's the Technorati solution to many problems in Technorati world-wide...

Here is his presentation and I have taken a snap shot dealing with overshooting solutions compared with the demand distribution... where web 2.0, Technorati and NNM is creating an economic revolution...

Andese___Web_2_0___Louis_Nauges.pdf and his Technorati http://nauges.typepad.com/


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Les actes du Colloque sur le site de l'Andese !

Tous les actes du colloque avec la note sur le NNM et les CCE et much more...




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