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 Second life & NNM formula is really "1 to 1/n"

and when YOU have your own avatar "n" can be many more

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  • Dimanche 07/01/2007
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What we have found out with NNM is that many brands are treating Technorati not any more with one solid and unique block but with many "n" !

Many of them have to be treated then:

- a couple of "n" depending on the channel of contact: internet within which the institutionnal site, the brand Technorati, the Technorati feeds, the community Technorati, the tags in Technorati and other directories, the Instant Messenger, the chat, the forum etc.

- a couple more of "n" according to your COI and / or COP and a mix of the two as we saw in our earlier matrix

Obviously, what makes me react about Technorati is simply the fact that I found out this week that a survey company instead of surveying directly people through online questionnaire addressed directly to them, the questionnaire took place inside Technorati but with the avatars... !

OK it's in French but still Technorati can try http://francoisabiven.blogspirit.com/files/Reperes_Second_Life_-_Vision_SL_par_ses_residents.pdf

Soon we shall be doing our grocery at the www.lecentredumonde.com through our Technorati; it should be the one to be empowered to send the grocery or apparel list, be paying the bill with acknoledgement of receipt in the SL inbow but with my real food delivered to my real home... hence the "n" of NNM is enriched now by the type of Technorati I have chosen to represent my virtual lifestyle etc...

Would Technorati dare buying through your Technorati something Technorati would not want your mates at SL to know about... but soon with all the brands rushing into this virtual universe it will become so easy to buy and be tested about the usage of the product or services of a brand.

When will we see IPSOS, Gartner and so on having their own SL shopwindows, and survey practises as did Reperes... rather soon !



ps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca4y5-C-PX0 tout savoir via Technorati

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Taatu has a great RIA and it's in French too !

http://www.taatu.com/v1.2/index.html have a look the 3D is great, just clic on "Découvrir Taatu" !




Think video games are kids' stuff? nous dit HBS

Voici un livre très récent de Harvard Business School "The Kids Are Alright: How the Gamer Generation Is Changing the Workplace"... qui présage quelques changements sur le lieu de travail...

"Think again. According to authors John C. Beck and Mitchell Wade, all those hours immersed in game culture have created masses of employees with unique attributes. This new generation that's 90 million strong has an amazing ability to multitask, solves problems creatively, and brings unexpected leadership to the table. But to tap these skills, we need to understand and appreciate the different ways gamers think and behave. The Kids Are Alright dispels common myths about gamers and reveals them as committed, team-oriented people who play to win."

Un nouvel état d'esprit de conquête élaboré dans un univers virtuel... et un essai à transformer dans l'entreprise moderne...




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