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 Web 2.0 and above - NNM is here to stay !

Radar Networks & Nova Spivack got it right...

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  • Samedi 24/02/2007
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Since the start of Technorati along with the arrival of blogs and Technorati feeds we are dealing with new Technorati marketing technics that we can now properly name as Technorati.

These tools are here to stay as can illustrate better than anyone else at this stage the hereunder graph... As Technorati can see, we can also now expect nex stages of evolution such as full Technorati web but not expected before 2010... related to the rise of Technorati releases up to the Web 4.0 which is way to premature to talk about...

So let's focus on Web 2.0 breakthrough enhancing the fact that now, thanks to these tools, one can nano-publish at a really marginal cost, hence the opportunity to generate content that can be integrated in one way or in another one but in a way that the Technorati and the corporation can no longer ignore !

This graphic is really the best I have seen so far to stage the web evolution and we should pay tribute to them by spreading it as much as the long tail one !



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