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 Web 2.0 - Blog, prescription power and e-commerce liquidity

The French case where 60% of the internet users have bought online

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  • Mardi 20/03/2007
  • 11:12
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We got today a great e-tourism survey from Benchmark published by Technorati...

Médiatrie is even very clear about the fact that in 2006, the French les internet users have increased and that they find the Net as a true collaboration tool. 

- 31.4% of these internet users have created multimedia content (ie 6.1 millions of them publishing video and audio content over several platforms, blogs and forums).

- 81.1% of these same internet users have a contributing role (they are commenting blogs et are giving their thoughts).
- Community platforms are highly used as well with the French case of  dealing with 3.07 millions unic visitors on December 31st 2006.
- So far as content consumption is concerned: 9,7 millions internet users have seen a video during the month of dec 2006, and 27% have listened to the radio through the Technorati.
- On the e-commerce side: 61.6% of the internet users declare to have bought something over the net, ie 32% more than 2005. And almost 60% are trusting the Net to obtain information over the products they wishing to buy.
On a more personnal side: these purchasing behaviour between the categories of product always ends up by converging with the differences narrowed... we can then say internet is also here to create more liquidity over the marketplace... quantity of operations and diversity of operators are the garanties of informationnal liquidity and furthermore transactionnal one with arbitrages getting simplier and well documented at the drop of a hat !
The blogospher is increasing this liquidity mecanism by creating overflow and informational diversity... it would be sad to cut the Technorati out of this mecanism, whereas the attractiveness is not anymore dealing with the well initiated geegs but the mass population...

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