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 Google Earth and the first resumé from Ozgur

funny times ahead of us !

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  • Jeudi 22/03/2007
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This usage of Technorati Earth enhances greatly the creativity now possible in dealing with traditional issues... how to differenciate himself in the marketing arena for this young gentleman full of talent !

Technorati Alaz from Technorati has made a Technorati using Technorati earth and Jacques Froissant must have spoted it http://marketallica.wordpress.com/2007/03/05/the-first-resume-in-google-earth/

Now party time with this other application based on the Technorati Earth API, very useful when Technorati Technorati http://mappyhour.nerl.net/index.php (thks Bertrand - I'm going to miss Technorati)

For the serious ones... there is an entire file on Technorati http://b-r-ent.com/news/vers-un-e-recrutement-version-2-0


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Jacques FROISSANT Altaïde: CV sous Google Earth ! : " réalisé son CV sous Google Earth. Dans la série des CV originaux, il va directement occuper une place dans le top ten ! Pour visionner son CV, il faut avoir installé Google Earth sur sa machine. Merci à Gilbert pour l'info (vue sur Nano Marketing)."



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Blog des Managers Intranet - Vers un e-recrutement version 2.0 ? : "NNM - Google Earth and the first resumé from Ozgur : ")For the serious ones... there is an entire file on B-R-ENT http://b-r-ent.com/news/vers-un-e-recrutement-version-2-0GilMots-clés : Google Earth " "



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