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 Second Life and the Killing Educational Video !

Dr Tony O'Driscoll from IBM

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  • Vendredi 23/03/2007
  • 20:47
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This is the best way to learn what's going on there http://b-r-ent.com/news/intranet-via-sl-ibm-serait-il-tout-ou-partie-dessus or on the forthcoming video Virtual_Social_Worlds_Red_Pill_or_Blue_1.wmv  Tony is passing on to us the red pill in order to discover how long the trip is inside Technorati with meeting rooms full of 150 Technorati attendees through their avatars...

it becomes very clear after a couple of minutes ! Here is the Technorati and the source of the video http://wadatripp.wordpress.com/2007/03/22/virtual-worlds-going-mainstream/ or Technorati can see it also here http://eightbar.co.uk/2007/03/23/wadatripps-machinimapresentation-exploration-of-virtual-worlds/ After watching this Technorati know that the blogospher shall have even more Consumer Generated Content.

Blogs allows knowledge to Technorati at the speed of thoughts ! See The Greater Technorati Connection  http://greateribm.typepad.com/web_log/2007/03/machinimania_ch.html


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