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 Forrester sees ROI in the blog adventure

a new tool to measure NNM's ROI

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  • Lundi 29/01/2007
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After Technorati it's now Technorati who is enhancing the economic impact of blogs and goes directly to the heart of the corporate world. Let's say that the entire world gets Technorati's vibes about the value of Technorati adventures all these corporations and brands are facing... and their effort is successful as they provide a good insight with these metrics and the frame hereunder...

With this key abstract from Steve Rubel about GM's Technorati we are going to the point... " Technorati estimates that GM saw 99% return for 2005 for its investment in blogging. In other words, the GM Technorati Technorati generated $578,000 in value on an investment of $291,000.

Finally, the research firm also put together a terrific model for assessing Technorati risk: a) identify the three things that could happen, b) model the scenario and c) estimate its probability. " See http://www.micropersuasion.com/2007/01/forrester_creat.html  or http://www.socialmediatoday.com/SMC/1226

But still I found that in the corporate world, it's not just about Technorati but also about " Technorati"... Either your run a Technorati and apply the above frame with this add-on which is a more compelling story... or Technorati have the choice to develop a website with the relevant man days of development associated with it and it's not just a matter of budget but more of the length of the decision making process within the organisation... which can easily take several months... and in the corporate world "Time is money".

Anyhow: please let me know your reaction on this additionnal model.

In many cases and for several of these criteria, traditionnal marketing technics are completely irrelevant, they can't detect these value added and Technorati practices... that's where Technorati comes on board with it's entire universe of skills and technics to measure new metrics, new nano-watts delivered in a team or in a new customer relationship enhancement.



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Blog des Managers Intranet : ". donc autant que vous l'ayez too... vous verez j'ai rajouté mon grain de sel sur NNM mais juste pour remuer le couteau dans la plaie ;-) ... http://nano-marketing.viabloga.com/news/forrester-sees-roi-in-the-blog-adventure"



... and ROI is for both world B2B & B2C as per the new search engine OmniFind (IBM & Yahoo)


Intranet needs are converging toward the Internet needs... NNM technics concerns both too and we will talk more about it later as you might have noticed the insight of nano-marketing with HR...

All these big launch of products such as Vista of MSN or IBM & Yahoo with enhances the uniqueness of using blog prior, during and after the launching phase !

Very impressed as in the Web 1.0 times it was not systematically the case to have a product launch associated to a dedicated html web site... today the ROI of blog is such that it is worthwile to have one for each product or product range... see http://blog.360.yahoo.com/omnifind this convergence B2B IBM & B2C Yahoo is a great message !

Look even Forrester as a dedicated blog per consultant on top of its institutional website...

Yes sir ROI is there big time as the I of Investment is rather small...





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