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 Great educational materials from Shel Holtz at intraCom Montreal

Live for ever from Montreal

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  • Lundi 02/04/2007
  • 17:11
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Shel Technorati has his great Technorati and its second to none podcasts but the man was in Technorati last week. We had great time with Vincent in assessing the relevancy of the educational materials he is producing and he has delivered live to us.

He also was kind enough to interview some of us about issues that concern him such as Live Blogging etc... please have a look on his post and play the videocast he did on the spot:  http://blog.holtz.com/index.php/weblog/comments/blogs_rss_and_intranets/

For the content of his two showtime just go to http://b-r-ent.com/news/roi-fragmentation-of-social-media-and-conversation-engagement or http://b-r-ent.com/news/second-life-du-mix-intranet-pour-demain .



ps: his Point and Shoot Video Camcorder is just great !

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