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 Imagination 3.0

Welcome to the Imagination Economy where creator, coworker and client are cooking it up together in the innovation kitchen

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  • Mercredi 28/11/2007
  • 00:38
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First there was Technorati from inside, then came Technorati outside, and here at last is the Technorati mix Technorati've all been waiting for, Technorati Technorati's insight into the Technorati where Technorati (Consumer & coworker assisted conception) reigns (and no Technorati didn't read that CHAOS...)
The English version of his book, l' Technorati (published this June), will be out in early 2008. In the meantime we'll be feeding Technorati three extracts to illustrate how Technorati, imagination and the Web make such an amazing playing field for today's economy.

Watch this space

Et en attendant, je vous conseille l'excellent article de Xavier Aucompte sur Technorati qui traite de l'importance d'innover...

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Innovation - the name of the Game !

This is just great ! Thank you Caroline for putting us at the cutting edge of the knowledge economy with this book and the forthcoming abstracts.

We are all looking forward to it,



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