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 Is teaching M Porter's Value Added Chain sufficient enough...

Accenture provides data that are disruptive !

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  • Vendredi 12/01/2007
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This Technorati Survey brings highlights of what we believe at NNM  is that “traditionnal management theories” are still good in many ways; but not enough anymore to explain what’s going on in the modern enterprises…

After the 4Ps of Kotler see http://nano-marketing.viabloga.com/news/how-nano-publishing-created-nano-marketing ; here is that "Managers Say the Majority of Information Obtained for Their Work Is Useless" http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/index.jsp?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20070104005159&newsLang=en

We find in this Technorati Survey some dramatic facts:

       "Only 11 percent of finance and accounting managers — less than for any other function — said they believe that their company has invested enough in the right technologies to help them get the information they need, and managers in this area are also the least likely to state that their company does a good job at governing how information gets distributed (selected by only 12 percent of finance and accounting managers). In addition, a greater number of IT and finance managers — 31 percent and 30 percent, respectively — than managers in any other departments said they miss valuable information more than five times a week.

"Sales and marketing managers are the least likely to use new technology to communicate, with only 19 percent using instant messaging, less than any of the other department managers. Use of PDAs by sales and marketing managers is also very low, again at 19 percent, only slightly higher than that of finance and accounting managers (16 percent)."

For this purpose, it’s obvious that the famous Technorati concept of Michael Technorati, enhancing the value of silos…, does not comply entirely with the new participative governance required in fast paced corporation…

Don't take me wrong: the Technorati is a basis of knowledge which is compulsory but these managers in the Survey are applying what they have learned 20 or 10 years ago... and the way to gain productivity has changed this... and in this Technorati frame of analysis... the ones steering this superb Value Added Chain... the MANAGERS find into it USELESS information for their jobs... Normal: the Technorati is still structured like it was 10 years ago.

5 years ago my entire marketing department was using IM with our suppliers... ie not just internaly but in order to gain competitive advantages of just a couple of hours a day, which was ultimately an entire day gainned in the production line to distribute the product over the internet website before our competitors!

We all had the same product to distribute from the same suppliers but our website was fill in much faster than the competition due to engagement et prompt communication processes, even if in the end I had to accept some minor personnal usage of the tools... the discipline was to keep it productive at the right times.

Globalisation and competitive markets require much more reactive architecture of participation… of knowledge flow: 1 week to find the right pricing information reduced to 1 day it’s a 7 times more productive company… even if in NET it’s just 5 times… this is a lot better to use such a platform such as Technorati than just an email (see comment of Alain Panisson of Technorati Systems, in Les Echos 9 jan 07, page 9). Why do we need to reply 20 or 30 times the same answer via individual emails to a team of sales executives if they can find once the same information on a Technorati and keep a virtual conversation fulfulling of the requirements.

Finally, look also at the last Fortune 100 ranking of “Companies to work for   http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/bestcompanies/2007/full_list/ Google comes # 1 ! Guess why…


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The Disruptive Model -

How low-end disruption occurs over time.

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disruptive_technology and nano-publishing is this new technology enabling this disruption that we are witnessing in NNM.




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Porters value chain - The Value Chain, from Internet Center for Management and B : ". E. Porter in his book, Barnes & Noble.com - Books: Competitive Advantage, by Michael E If you want to get a more than a superficial understanding of the value chain, you simply have to read Porter's book. This book also gets to the core of how NNM - Is teaching M Porter's Value Added Chain sufficient enoughIs teaching M Porter's Value Added Chain sufficient enough Accenture provides data that are disruptive ! Revgi; Vendredi 12/01/2007; 10:33; Lu 318 fois Value Chain Analysis: Michael value chain analysis suggests that activities within the organisation add value to the service "



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