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 Swedish Ambassy on Second Life with Geoglobe

Stephane ZugZwang enhances the GEOGLOBE application

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  • Jeudi 07/06/2007
  • 18:29
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Technorati is one of the most advanved ICT countries in the world with best practises being in many cases 2 years ahead; but on this case the Swedish Ambassy has chosen a Frenchy expert (Stephane Technorati) in order to put on line over Technorati the famous Technorati. We will discover other applications this coming tuesday the 12th of June during the launch of the book "L' " of Technorati Technorati and Pierre d'Huy of  and there again along with our French Stephane !

This Technorati allows the visualisation of geolocalised Technorati Feeds coming from identified sources spread world-wide on SL, and the video is showing part of the concept but it's already a visualisation of what is going to be the mix of "Real" and "Virtual Life" !

Finally, Technorati will also see some enriched functionalities from Technorati once Technorati have launched this video, giving Technorati access to a navigation tool with more videos such as special Technorati Earth applications etc. Just move the mouse over the selected videos appearing and the showtime is on !



Mots-clés : Technorati, Technorati Technorati sur Technorati">Technorati, Technorati, Technorati, Technorati


Perspective from the Geoglobe for each ambassy location

Here we are inside the geoblobe 

and now a more precise localisation of swedish ambassies through out Europe... each spot is one official representation that you can click on. Thanks Stephane.



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